Get Busy Living Award 2017

Presented by StupidCancer

Nominee #2

If you had to pick three words to describe the nominee, what would they be? 
Awesome, Fearless, Bodacious!

How has the nominee coped with adversity in their cancer journey?

The nominee has turned her adventure with cancer into a mission to help others through organizations such as Stupid Cancer and with her Survival Organs line of well, survival organs! All throughout her adventure she made sure that she was a well-informed patient always asking the tough questions. Knowledge was her power and it helped us, her family, be better able to help her.

In what ways does the nominee bring the mantra of "get busy living" into their day-to-day life?
She lifts weights, networks like a boss, runs her own business, volunteers, sketches, paints, takes care of her family, runs a website that is an informative hub for other cancer people, is kind to animals, knits, cooks, reads, learned to ride a bicycle, joined a church, got married, got busy living every single day. Nothing stops this 

What is unique about the way the nominee gets busy living?
The nominee has laser beam focus yet makes everything she does seem like fun and play and not work! She has made it a point to try everything, talk to everyone, to listen and learn from everyone she meets. She realizes that she was put on this planet for a reason so she attacks daily life with zeal and purpose.  She is on a mission to rule the world!

How has the nominee impacted you directly?
The nominee is my sister and she's only 3 years older than my daughter so we always had more of a mother/daughter relationship. I took the news of her cancer much worse than she did! She took time from her treatment to make sure that I was okay, sending me gifts and silly things. I was amazed at her generous spirit but later understood that if I wasn't in a good place, I was not going to be able to help her and she realized this and helped the whole family rally.

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