Get Busy Living Award 2017

Presented by StupidCancer

Nominee #4

If you had to pick three words to describe the nominee, what would they be? 
Positive, Selfless, Assertive

How has the nominee coped with adversity in their cancer journey?
Since her original diagnosis, she has never allowed negativity to interfere with her life. During her first encounter with cancer, she had to be home schooled. During this time, she focused on her health and studies. With minimal contact from so-called friends, she triumphed and received a 4.0 her entire sixth grade year. Being secluded from her peers for the, adapting back to public schooling was quite the challenge. Many old friends ignored her presence, bullies kicked her baldhead, and boys threatened to pull out her pick line. Despite others' views on her new appearance, she insisted on informing others "cancer is not contagious." She accomplished this by answering absurd inquires, and proudly displaying herself as a SURVIVOR rather than "the girl with no hair." When the nominee relapsed. Once again, home became her prison walls. Her immune system restrained her from attending her senior year of high school. She was persistent to enjoy her final year of high school to the fullest. At an arranged meeting, with the school, administration her home-school teacher and mother, she was able to convince the them that she should participate in school activities so she could savor her senior year, like normal students. Throughout her three experiences with cancer, the nominee has remained positive. It's phenomenal how she continues to smile despite all that has come her way!!!!

In what ways does the nominee bring the mantra of "get busy living" into their day-to-day life?
The Nominee has proven to keep her health and education her two main priorities. For instance during her third diagnosis, she was enrolled at a local junior college, taking 16 units each semester She contacted her professors and coordinated with hospital staff to have all her assignments faxed to her. Despite her attendance, she was able to pass every course. Miraculously on she gave birth to our son. The idea of children was intangible and unthinkable to her. Our son, was born healthy. At age four, his pediatrician delivered the inevitable news. Like the nominee, our son was diagnosed with A.L.L. Soon after the nominee was once again diagnosed with leukemia. This time, a stem cell transplant was her only option. Upon completion of her SCT, she returned to school, where she earned her degree in communication. Through three ordeals with leukemia, the nominee strived to achieve her education, is raising a beautiful baby boy and promotes her priceless smile. Today, the nominee’s priorities are our son, and her family. She juggles four part time jobs as a tutor and childcare. In face of everyday calamities, she preserves her phenomenal smile.

What is unique about the way the nominee gets busy living?
She resembles gravity, she pulls people in. At the local Starbucks shop she frequents, everyone knows her there. She pulls up a chair, grabs her coffee, and inquires how everyone is doing. If something is wrong, she does all is her power to fix it, she is always willing to give her time so others can receive a little joy.

How has the nominee impacted you directly?
Personally speaking, she has showed me a love I have never experienced. I honestly believe she puts our family before herself. She will fast for days if we need to pinch our pockets to pay bills medical bills. I also notice, she always tends to our needs before she situates herself. She is selfless. She shows me on a daily basis, that others' lives matter too and need to be acknowledged.

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