Get Busy Living Award 2017

Presented by StupidCancer

2016 Caregiver - Dan Crail

Dan Crail has tried in earnest to keep true to himself and stay the course. He maintains his strong beliefs of commitment, fairness, hard work, and the notion that everything will be ok. By helping to maintain a schedule and sense of normalcy; his house feels comfortable and safe especially for his children who were too young to remember pre-cancer times and his wife's trials with treatments.

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2016 Survivor - Dawn Scott

Dawn gets busy living everyday. As an eighteen-year survivor, she works full time and has been a foster mother to three children. Around her busy workday and volunteering, she always finds the time, activities and love needed to brighten the life of her current, eighteen month old, foster daughter. Dawn has very busy days between her career, volunteer positions, husband, friends and family, but she is always willing to take time for others in need. She loves to travel and visit people regularly and loves to have new experiences. Basically, she loves living each day to its fullest and always remembers to be thankful for all of the days she has the privilege to enjoy. At her core she loves to get busy living by reaching out and helping her fellow human beings.

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2015 - Katie Lundy

Katie Lundy had to learn at a very young age what it is like to be sick and diagnosed with a brain tumor. Her life turned upside down at age 11 and she really couldn't be a kid anymore. She was not allowed to play any contact sports and she loved playing sports, she had never been in a hospital, she had a port-a-cath put in and had to be cautious of it and she just hated needles. She became a fighter and adjusted to being sick, needles, chemotherapy treatments, doctor appointments, surgeries, in and out of the hospital and neuropathy in her legs.

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2014 - Lauren Calista

Lauren Calista was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. Cancer has not her of her creativity, dreams or spirit. She wants to help inspire cancer patients and others to reach out and boldly live life in the ways most important to them. While fighting cancer Lauren completed her masters program at Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts and achieved certification in music therapy the same year.

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2012 - Caroline Ingle St John

Caroline Ingle St. John was diagnosed with ALL in 2011. Caroline is a schoolteacher and was described as a “force for good in our universe.” Because of her dedication to her students, she returned to teaching as soon as her doctors gave her permission. She continues to be an example of someone who “Gets Busy Living” despite her experience with cancer.

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